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Music should be experienced and understood as both process and product.

Good quality audio (recordings and play-back equipment) enhance and bolster the ability and process of learning

Tunes: shares learning experiences that use recorded music as the point of entry. This page will share ideas that will exhibit the multidimensionality of music pieces to help you to understand how to construct a music learning experience and use the musical work as a whole.

Songs: shares suitable songs to sing, and introduces how a song can be the point of entry into a music learning experience.

Musical activities: shares music learning experiences that can be used in class to help learners to construct an understanding of music through analytical listening, creating and performing.

Musical Words:  shares an English world list that explains some musical terms. You will also find musical terms translated to IziZulu and Setswana.


Tunes: learners need to build their conceptual understanding of music to enable them to understand how to make music

The music learning experiences on this page give you ideas how learners can directly engage in the musical experience through listening.

Focus on Foundation, Intermediate and Senior phases.

Download and view the following learning experience to use in class:

Learning a song

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Websites with suitable songs

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Folk songs from South Africa

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Abantu base: Kele Motsumi

Thula thula baba:

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Musical words

List of English musical terms

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IziZulu and Setswana translations

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